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When you have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), your life revolves around intrusive thoughts and ideas and your efforts to control them. At Mesquite Valley Integrated Health in Mesa, Arizona, our providers understand the distress OCD can cause and provide a range of effective therapies. If you’re finding OCD is taking over your life, call Mesquite Valley Integrated Health and request a consultation or complete the online booking form today.
What is OCD?
People with OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) experience obsessions — persistent ideas and thoughts that they can’t get out of their minds. Most patients with OCD also have compulsions, which is the need to repeatedly observe some ritual or perform a specific activity.
These obsessions and compulsions can significantly disrupt your day, taking time and focus away from your work, family life, and other activities. Many obsessions are unpleasant, scary, or out of character, making their constant presence even more distressing.
People with OCD sometimes know or suspect their ideas and thoughts are flawed. However, many suffer from poor insight and have faith in their beliefs. Whether you realize your thinking is faulty or not, it’s challenging to focus on anything else or prevent yourself from performing compulsive behaviors.
What obsessions and compulsions might people with OCD develop?
OCD obsessions could develop around anything, but some themes are more common. These include:
Because obsessions are so all-consuming, people with OCD frequently develop compulsions to regain some control. Compulsions often directly relate to obsessions; for example, you might be a compulsive cleaner if your obsession is germs. Or, if you can’t stand disorder, your compulsion might be to position everything around you in perfect symmetry.
In other cases, compulsions don’t relate so directly to obsessions. These compulsions tend to be more ritualistic, for example, counting, saying specific words or phrases, flicking light switches on and off, or repeatedly checking you’ve done tasks like locking your door.
What treatments are available for OCD?
Mesquite Valley Integrated Health uses mainstream and complementary therapies, integrating them to deliver the most effective, holistic treatment. Therapies your provider might include in your personalized plan include:
CBT is often especially helpful for tackling OCD. This form of talk therapy enables you to understand your obsessions and compulsions and why you behave as you do. You also learn practical methods of challenging flawed thinking and how to change your responses.
With the Mesquite Valley Integrated Health team’s help, you can adjust your thought processes and gain freedom from OCD. To find out how, call their office today or book an appointment online.
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