Child Psychiatry

Child Psychiatry

Child Psychiatry services offered in Mesa and Scottsdale , AZ

It’s heartbreaking to watch your child struggle with anxiety, concentration difficulties, or anger issues. To help your child find long-lasting relief from mental, emotional, or behavioral issues, Mesquite Valley Integrated Health offers a range of services in-office and through the online telemedicine platform. Our providers specialize in treating attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), bipolar disorder, and other psychiatric conditions to support your child’s success in school and long-term well-being. Call the office in Mesa, Arizona, to schedule a child psychiatry consultation or book an appointment online today.
What is child psychiatry?
Child psychiatry addresses the diagnosis, treatment, and management of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders that affect children and adolescents.
Many conditions can affect a child’s growth and development and persist into adulthood. Mesquite Valley Integrated Health offers evaluations and treatment services for children four and over who have emotional, behavioral, neurodevelopmental, and psychiatric concerns such as:
The available child psychiatry services aim to address mental health and behavioral issues in the earliest stages to prevent complications later in life. The team also focuses on improving relationships and communication between parent and child.
When should I schedule a child psychiatry appointment?
You should schedule a child psychiatry appointment at Mesquite Valley Integrated Health if your child exhibits behavioral changes that affect their life at home, school, or in social situations.
These changes can include:
If you have concerns about your child harming themselves, harming others, or thinking about suicide, call 911 immediately or take them to the nearest emergency room for medical attention.

What happens during a child psychiatry consultation?

During your initial child psychiatry consultation, the team meets with you and your child to review your medical history.
To better understand the symptoms your child experiences, the team performs a comprehensive screening. They ask you and your child questions about thought patterns and behaviors and may also request blood work or other diagnostic testing.
Based on the results of your child’s evaluation, the team customizes a care plan to ease symptoms of a psychiatric disorder. Treatment typically involves a combination of medications and cognitive behavioral therapy to keep the condition under control.
To support your child in all areas of their life, the team also provides resources for teachers, caregivers, and other family members. They continue to monitor your child’s progress with treatment through follow-up visits in-office and through the online telemedicine platform.
Call Mesquite Valley Integrated Health to schedule a child psychiatry consultation for your son or daughter or book an appointment online today.
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